UV protection

There are two types of ultraviolet ray that reaches on the surface of the earth.
One is UV-A, the other is UV-B.UV-A goes through clouds and window glasses, and it even penetrates deep into dermis of your skin though no immediate and drastic symptoms are expected. On the other hand, UV-B will not penetrate human skins like UV-A though it is known to cause symptoms like skin mottles, freckles and can be the causes for skin cancer.? Ultraviolet ray are far more harmful than we may think.

All of our films are treated with special treatments that will filter out 99% of ultraviolet.This means properly applied films on windows will protect your precious interior decor such as curtains, carpets and flooring materials from burns.
Naturally the film will protect your family from harmful ultraviolet ray and minimizes the risks of aging spots, wrinkles and cataract as well as skin cancer.
After all, wouldn’t you put on sunscreen when you go out in the sun.
Why not do the same while you are inside your home?

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uv tinting Control the Sun Protect Your Family Add Style & Privacy Upgrade Your Windows UV Protection
car tinting It acts like sunglasses for the windows of your car and provides 99% UVA and UVB protection.